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At boar3d.games we strive to make good use of our 3D Printing capabilities, in order to create quality items which will elevate the tabletop gaming experience.

We ourselves are board games enthusiasts. And at this time “we” actually means our family. That is Antonia and Danos, a couple of kids – who are too young at the moment but we gradually introduce them to the exciting entertaining world of tabletop gaming – and our close and dear friends here in Athens, Greece. We have evolved from the classic family board games early on in our lives, through collectible card games and all the way to the strategy-focused board games.

We got our first 3D printer not so long ago, in 2021, simply as a new and promising hobby. Soon we realized that 3D printing is so much more than the little articulated animal toys you can make for fun, and can be used to make really practical items with numerous applications. We’ve been 3D printing several props and inserts to compliment our board gaming sessions for quite some time now. So, owning 3D printing equipment opened up a whole new wide range of options and ideas on how to organize, improve and expand the games we already know and love.

The creation of boar3d.games is the first step to taking our excitement for board games and 3D printing to the next level. Currently we are sourcing 3D models from various creators and develop additional 3D models internally. We try out thoroughly in practice each of those models we produce through 3D Printing. Our goal is to gradually roll out items for general tabletop gaming use and items uniquely tailored for recognized board games.

Everything we make available is homemade & hopefully through our items we will manage to share part of our excitement with you and level-up your tabletop gaming experience.


the boar3d.games family

Why 3D Printing?

Production of items with 3D Printers offers significant advantages.

  • Flexibility: 3D printing allows for the design and print of more complex designs than traditional manufacturing processes.
  • Customization: Ability to apply direct customization and thus bypassing the complex prototyping processes of traditional manufacturing.
  • Speed: It is extremely faster and easier to create, modify and implement changes according to popular needs and demands.
  • Sustainability: It creates much less waste material and materials used in 3D printing are generally recyclable.
  • Cost: Reduced operational costs and much less wasted material, lead to more affordable items with no negative effects over quality.
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