Does the [gameframe] fit my table?

The [gameframe] aspires to be the system that elevates the tabletop entertainment functionalities of any kind of table. This is the reason there are several [gameframe] base variants.

Let us see what checks and measurements you should perform on a table on which you intend to use the [gameframe].


There is a stock variety of [gameframe] bases that can cover pretty much every table top thickness.

You should measure your table top Thickness (in centimeters) and add this information to your order. We select the appropriate base and bolts for you, according to this measurement.

Skirt / Beam

Presence of a Skirt or a Beam under the table top which is also close to the Edge, is an important factor to take under consideration. In this case there are 3 additional measurements that must be included in your order (in centimeters):

  1. Distance between the Skirt / Beam and the Edge
  2. Skirt / Beam Height
  3. Skirt / Beam Thickness

Depending on those measurements, we will select the appropriate base and bolts for you. Accuracy on those measurements is important, because even if there is no stock variant that fits, we can use those measurements to adjust and create a variant that will ideally fit your table.

Side Panel

When there is a Side Panel on one or more sides of the table, it is most likely that you will not be able to attach [gameframe] bases on that side. That is because usually Side Panels are fixed very close to the Edge of the table top, leaving no space in order to fasten the base.

But, if in your case there is some space between the Edge and the Side Panel, you can measure this distance and add it to your order. Note that this distance has to be at least 3.5 cm.

What about using the same [gameframe] set on different tables per occasion?

You should totally do that! The ability to disassemble and move to another location is one of the main advantage features of the [gameframe].

Just check which table has the biggest table top Thickness and/or a Skirt or a Beam. Take the previously mentioned measurements of that table, add them to your order and check the option that you intend to use the [gameframe] on multiple different tables.

What about non-rectangular tables?

We do not recommend to attach [gameframe] bases on curved table sides. Since the bases’ design is currently only straight, attaching a base on a curve would result in stability issues.

The gaps on both ends between the base and the table edge, the fact that the bases will not attach to each other and the possibly reduced contact surface between the bolts and the table top, lead to an increased chance of the base coming off the table when even a small amount of force is applied upon it.

Curved [gameframe] bases are not currently an option. It would be quite challenging to find a universal curved base solution, given the fact that the curvature of tables out there could vary a lot.

You can still attach [gameframe] bases safely on any straight sides that a non-rectangular table might have.

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