How many pieces are there in the [gameframe]?

The [gameframe] system comprises of 3 categories of components, which all assemble together very quickly and very easily.


Bases attach directly to your table top. They are the main structure of the whole [gameframe] system.

Straight Bases are placed along the side edges of your table, and Corner Bases cover the corner edges of your table. All Bases attach to each other with incorporated links.

The Straight Bases hold the Bolts on their bottom side, which help secure the whole system on your table. They come in 3 basic widths: 5cm, 10cm and 20cm.

The Corner Bases do not have any Bolts and rely exclusively on the attaching Straight Bases on either side in order to stay in place. They come in 3 basic widths: 17.5cm, 18.5cm and 19.5cm.

Mixing Straight and Corner Bases of different sizes makes it possible to cover accurately all table side edges, no matter what the dimensions.


Tops cover the upper part of the Bases. They slide and clip on the Bases in order to stay in place. They are interchangeable and may have slots in order to accommodate your various Accessories.

Straight Tops come in 3 basic widths that match the corresponding Straight Bases: 5cm, 10cm and 20cm. Corner Tops in 3 basic widths that match the corresponding Corner Bases: 17.5cm, 18.5cm and 19.5cm.


The Accessories are the fun parts of the whole [gameframe] System! Accessories allow you to transform your [gameframe] with any trays or components you want to customize it as you need.

The common shapes of Accessories are Square, Circle and Rectangular, and fit inside the corresponding slots of the Tops.

Most of the trays and boxes can even be used as standalone parts to hold tokens, dice, coins or any other items you might need on your table. They can be swapped and replaced instantly!

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