Interested in the [gameframe]? Read me first!

The [gameframe] is indeed an amazing Level-Up to your TableTop Gaming Experience.

Having such an extensive range of choices on how to shape your own [gameframe] means you have to take some things under consideration in order to make the best out of it.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Know your table.

The [gameframe] includes several variants in order to accommodate almost any kind of rectangular table. So, how do you know which features of your table really matter for the [gameframe] to fit well? And what if, depending on the occasion, you want to use the same [gameframe] parts on a different table?

Make sure to check out our Does It Fit? article, which is dedicated to guide you through what you have to measure on your table before submitting an order.

Start small,

expand as you go.

You do not have to go all-in and order a full table [gameframe] on your first order. Almost in any case, it is wiser to begin your build with one or two Starter Kits.

Besides, this is one of the great strengths of [gameframe]. Just a few components are enough for you to start enjoying a beautiful gaming experience. After you have evaluated that it works well for you, you can go ahead and expand to the whole table at your own pace.

Play test everything.

With the very wide variety of available [gameframe] accessories, it is good to know how many and what kind of accessories will serve all your tabletop gaming needs.

Going through your entire collection of board games could be a very challenging task. So, this could be a good time to take out at least your favorite board games, the ones you tend to play more often, and play test them with your [gameframe] Starter Kits. This will give you a good idea of the kind of accessories that are most useful for each one of your board games.

Deep holders? Half-deep holders? Shallow trays? Dice Towers? Mug holders? Tablet/Phone stands? Dice boxes? You name it! Check out our catalogue of Accessories and then go ahead and expand your [gameframe] at will.

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