What is the [gameframe]?

The [gameframe] is a complete system of components and accessories, that fit almost any table, and transform it into a versatile low-cost Board Gaming Table.

Existing board game tables in the market are “heavy” from many aspects. They demand a heavy budget to purchase, which at best starts at about 2000€ for something small and simple. They are a heavy burden for my available space, as I have to create room for yet another table. And they are too heavyweight and bulky for me to move to a different location, if need arises.

The [gameframe] is designed by Meeple Keepers as a purely 3D Printable solution that offers:

  • Low construction cost from sustainable materials.
  • Easy placement on almost any table I already own.
  • Ability to disassemble at will and carry to any location I wish.

But these are just the big picture, because by diving into the details of the [gameframe] we can truly appreciate its broad value:

Flexible: Fitting mechanism that can fit a wide variety of tables.

Expandable: I can start with individual sections and gradually expand to cover the whole circumference of my table at my own pace.

Customizable: I can select any and however many accessories I desire and exchange them on top of the frame in any way that suits me.

Upgradable: I have at my disposal a system that is dynamic and evolving, which can offer an unimaginable variety of choices in the future.

The [gameframe] is indeed a gameplay gamechanger for any tabletop gaming enthusiast!

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